New site is launched. We launched the new site on, because we feel we deal more in the dissemination of information.
New sites are launched for several subsidiaries. Keeping up with the face of the internet is a never-ending project. A special thanks to our team of developers and designers.
We've added several new staff members to update our Customer Care divisions. We hire staff that share the same beliefs of client care and are confident they will carry strong the Service All tradition.

   "I owe my success to Service All. Their attention to my needs has afforded me the opportunity to expand and enhance my internet presence..."
Alex Bazyuk  

The Service All suite of internet technologies includes: is dedicated to providing quality hosting services at affordable pricing. Handsomely priced reseller opportunities offers members the base to get started in this fast paced, ever expanding, exciting industry.

GetMeDomains offers domains at prices that are sure to please. Now you can get your identity on the net. Whether for play or for fun, the rewards of having your domain are immediate. You have full control over all aspects of your domains registered with GetMeDomains.

HandsOnSupport provides server administration and customer care for hosts and server owners. Working seamlessly in the background. Always vigilant and always caring, HandsOnSupport is the choice of professionals that want to offer their clients professional common care.

Forum University is dedicated to promoting the exchange of ideas and ideals to maintain a cohesive on-line community.

We support Forum University's GlobalWarming Awareness2007 project.
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